What is a good pie apple?

Answer: Jonathan or Blushing Golden for a tart pie. Golden Delicious for a sweet pie.


What goes into Edgewood Orchards apple cider, and why is it so good?

Answer: Our cider is made from fresh, whole apples and nothing else. No sugar or preservatives are added. The flavor comes from our secret blend of tart, sweet, and neutral apples.


Can cider be frozen?

Answer: Yes, up to a year. Remember that cider expands when frozen so remove some from the jug before putting it in the freezer.


How long will cider keep, and how should I store it?

Answer: Our cider is made of pure apple juice with no preservatives or additives. In your refrigerator, it will keep two weeks. If you need to transport it long distance make sure that you keep it cold.


What is a good sweet apple?

Answer: Honeycrisp is the favorite of many, but try Golden Delicious,  Jonagold and Fuji for a delicious sweet-flavored apple.


What is a good tart apple?

Answer: Jonathan is an excellent tart apple. Blushing golden, Zestar, Pink Lady and Braeburn are also tart favorites.


What is the best way to keep apples crisp and fresh?

Answer: Apples should be stored in plastic bags in your refrigerator. The plastic keeps them from drying out.